UMPCU Board Members

Decisions about the business and activities of Uganda Meat Producers Cooperative Union (UMPCU) are made during Board Meetings. These  are held every three months and are attended by the Board Members themselves and the Chief Executive officer (CEO) of UMPCU.

Sometimes, when deemed necessary, especially resulting from an urgent matter that needs to be addressed immediately, the Chairman to the Board calls for meeting, referred to as an Executive Board meeting.

See Board Members from onset to-date in figure below.

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UMPCU Board Members since Commencement

In 2017, the Board decided to create three Adhoc Committees that would ease its functions. See below


Board Members are selected by the Annual General Meeting (AGM), an important meeting held once a year. the AGM authorises the Board members to supervise and manage UMPCU’s activities.  The AGM is attended and participated at by at least one representative from each of the 33 member Cooperative Societies and any other invited guest.