Are you a Cooperative Society?

Is the major activity of your Coop, “Livestock rearing for beef”?

Are you already a member of UMPCU?

If it is a “no” to all the above, then why not join us today?

By joining UMPCU, your Cooperative Society members stand to benefit in varying ways: –

  • access to affordable livestock development credit/ finance
  • access to affordable animal husbandry extension services
  • access to customized training activities
  • your members are the target group for any projects
  • the Union works with the Cooperative Society to strengthen management and accountability
  • entitled to attending and participating in the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • have access to more affordable veterinary services
  • the Union buys all your cattle
  • free advice on livestock rearing and farm management
  • increased networking especially with actors in the same field of practice

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