A study undertaken with financial support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Uganda
The purpose of this study is to identify investment opportunities in the livestock sector in Uganda. Undertaken with financial support by the Netherlands Embassy (EKN) in Uganda, the study support’s EKN’s policy of stimulating food security and economic diplomacy in Uganda. It is expected that the study will be valuable and informative to potential investors and other actors interested in supporting the development of the livestock sector in Uganda.
The study, executed by a team of 5 consultants over a three month period, was carried out in a two pronged approach :
  1. through extensive desk research of existing literature from diverse and reputable sources and
  2. through extensive field research and key informant interviews (with active business leaders in livestock, sector experts, government officers, regulatory bodies, association and union leaders, and Non-Government Organization (NGO) officials among others.

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