UMPCU Farmers have expressed commitment to increase participation in the Union’s activities and lift up their cooperative societies. This was at a regional meeting for farmers in Luwero sub-region, held in Luwero district and attended by other key stakeholders.

The farmers, led by their leaders and representatives gave brief profiles of their cooperative societies and highlighted their expectations, gains and challenges as societies.


The Luwero district Commercial Officer, Mr. James Ssemayobe said his role was to guide the societies in making decisions that are beneficial to them.

Dr. Francis Jumba, CEO for Uganda Farmers Meat Company (UFMC) encouraged the farmers to sell their cattle to the Union which offers competitive prices.

The Diagnostic Manager Zoetis A.L.P.H.A initiative; Francis Kalule highlighted their partnership with UMPCU, saying they will provide first line lab diagnosis and trainings in two regional laboratories.

In his address, the Chairman, Board of UMPCU – Mr. Herbert Kamugisha appreciated the farmers for attending the meeting to discuss views on how to overcome challenges within their societies and the Union. He also appreciated the district commercial officer for easing work for the societies and the Union.

Mr. Kamugisha expressed gratitude to UMPCU’s development partners like Nortura, Norad and Norges Vel for continued support in the enhancement of sustainable livestock business development in Uganda. He applauded the new partners namely the European Union which is funding a Euro 1.5 million towards the “Farmer Led Beef Industry Investment and Sustainability” project. The Chairman was happy to note that Zoetis A.L.P.H.A project is also partnering with UMPCU to establish diagnostic laboratories to aid in accurate disease testing.

The meeting was attended by leaders and members of 10 cooperative societies namely from the districts of Nakasongola, Luwero, Ngoma, Gulu, Nakaseke:

  1. Kamira Livestock Cooperative Society Ltd
  2. Nabiswera Meat Producers Cooperative Society Ltd
  3. Zalira Abalunda Meat Producers Cooperative Society Ltd
  4. Masindi Port livestock and Beef Producers Cooperative Society Ltd
  5. Zirobwe Balunzi Cooperative Society Ltd
  6. Wabinyonyi Meat Producers Cooperative Society Ltd
  7. Kinyogoga Livestock Cooperative Society Ltd
  8. Gulu Meat Producers Cooperative Society Ltd
  9. Wakyato Livestock Cooperative Society Ltd
  10. Ngoma Meat Producers Cooperative Society Ltd

The meeting closed with a commitment by participants to build the societies and the Union towards improved livestock productivity.

The activity was funded through the Royal Norwegian Society for Development (Norges Vel).