The increasing human population is creating increased demand for livestock and livestock products.
Furthermore, the formation of regional economic blocks opened up new markets for livestock and
livestock products which the country can exploit. Currently the sub-sector is unable to meet
domestic demand. This further challenges the sub-sector in Sierra Leone to identify and exploit the
emerging global market opportunities, as the country re-orients the agriculture sector towards
commercialization. Technologies and information that will enable the country meet these short falls
in demand and make the industry competitive at both regional and international markets will be
required to meet the objectives of vision 2025.

Globalization, regional integration and changes in the national economy offer opportunities for rural
and urban development by providing markets for live animals and animal products. The hidden
potential of livestock sub-sector is likely to positively impact the livelihoods of a vast majority of
people employed (and likely to be employed) in the livestock value chains – only if suitable
interventions are made to remove constraints.

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